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Communications Director

Company: YWCA Central Alabama
Date Posted: April 1, 2018


To develop and administer a comprehensive program presenting information and the organizational message to a multifaceted audience, including the national and local communities, the investors, employees, and customers through publications, the website, periodic company reports, and press releases.

Primary Responsibilities:

​Develops, together with executive committee and board of directors, the mission statement.

Develops, with the department team, ways to present the message through different media.

Oversees the dissemination of the mission statement to the national and local communities.

Works with the finance and accounting department to present the corporation's annual report through its print publication and the website.

  • Suggests explanations and graphics to make financial information more easily understood.
  • Supervises development of information about management and directors to supplement the report.
  • Approves press releases covering financial reports.

Directs development of website.

  • Works with Communications Manager to decide most appropriate ways to deliver message.
  • Reviews site regularly to ensure that navigation is easy and information is presented clearly and that outdated information is removed.

Works with Communications Manager on newsletter to see that the message is clearly communicated to employees.

Works with Chief Development Officer to ensure that development efforts reflect the message.

Manages the communications department.

  • Selects, supervises, and evaluates performance of department team members.
  • Develops, with the finance department, the budget for the department.
  • Coordinates the message as it will be presented through different media and to different audiences.
  • Monitors teams within the department to judge the effectiveness of their operations.

Acts as spokesperson for the organization and meets with all media to express the position.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suites: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.

Knowledge of office practices and procedures.

Ability to work under pressure with multiple tasks and priorities.

Ability to work independently and with teams as necessary.



Bachelor's degree required, preferably in Communications, Public Relations or Marketing.

Minimum of five years of experience in public relations, including management of a comprehensive marketing and communications program.

Excellent verbal and written communication ability.

Good managerial and organizational abilities.

Good people skills for dealing with both management and with the larger community.

Demonstrated ability to coordinate efforts of various teams to present a coherent message.

Physical Requirements:

Requires the physical mobility to sit and walk for moderate periods of time.

Requires the physical ability to occasionally carry or lift objects weighing up to 20 pounds.